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Posted on: 2007-08-01
Our knitting kits are taken from the extensive Istex 'Lopi' pattern book range and are designed to give maximum control over the contents, providing the freedom to choose colours and needles to suit your requirements.
From the Knitting Kits menu choose the type of kit/pattern you are interested in (eg Ladies, Children) to display our current range. Click on View Details to bring up the contents. The Short Description gives an overview of the full kit.  In some kits you will find a pdf file giving you an opportunity to view and download a sample chart of the pattern. Full detailed instructions are supplied with the kit at no extra charge. 
The Full Description displays the sizes of garment, the yarn details (shade and quantities) and needles/accessories required. The shades listed make the pattern as shown in the picture.
The given needle sizes are recommendations only. We urge you to knit a swatch before starting your project to check whether your knitting corresponds to the recommended gauge. Measure out 10cm horizonatally across the swatch for the stitch gauge and vertically down the swatch for the row gauge. If there are too many stitches to 10cm you may need a larger needle; if there are too few stitches to 10cm try again with a smaller needle. We are happy to exchange needles should you find changing size is necessary.
Most accessories such as zippers and buttons, are not included with the kits so you can select items that exactly meet your requirements.
The Kit Detail section shows all the items contained in a full kit, together with  prices. Adjust quantities of yarn depending on the size of garment you wish to knit (see Full Description for a guide). Should you wish to amend the colours shown, use the Upgrade feature. This brings up a list of all our stock of the relevant lopi from which you can choose a replacement product.
All needle products in the kits are optional so if you don't require needles simply select '0' in the quantity list. However for added comfort and luxury you can upgrade the needle choice to the stylish and ultra comfortable Lantern Moon 'Destiny' rosewood circular needles range and the smooth, finely crafted, birchwood Brittany double pointed selection.
If you have modified the original kit your new selection will display when you add it to your basket (including any new colours). Please check this list carefully to ensure you have everything you need before confirming the order.
The small and medium sized kits come in environmentally friendly jute carrier bags - excellent for storage and for 'knitting on the move' and also ideal if you are giving a kit as a present!
If you have any comments about the kits or any of our products please contact us at admin@carregyarns.com or post on Hilda's Blog.